Check the lists below to see if you have passed. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see More Instructions for what to do next!


Main List for Operator's License (regular license)

Feb 25th results

Supplemental list
If your name is not on the main list, check this one.
If your name is not on either, you may choose to go to DMV and see if your permit is there. Sometimes the list is missing a name, so if you can check in person at DMV, especially if you felt like you should have passed.

LOTE list
For those who have taken the test in a language other than English (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, etc.) here are the test results:

More Instructions:

If you passed, you need to practice driving for 6 months. If you learn to drive with mom or dad, you can save lots of money. If you want an instructor to teach you, it is more expensive, but worth every penny. We will teach you to drive correctly and defensively.

The idea of the class was to teach you about rules of the road and correct behavior when driving. So now that you are ready to drive, be sure to drive correctly. Even if others are not driving correctly, that is why you took class, so you don't have to learn from drivers who do not drive correctly!

Anyways, why would you want to learn to do ANYTHING wrong, especially driving!
And the driving test will be a test of your ability to drive "By The Book". So practice doing it right, not wrong.

When you are ready for a driving lesson, call 734-DRIV, or 483-DRIV

If you did not pass, you still have unlimited access to our classroom instruction in any of our office/classrooms, and our online course. (Only for our paid customers.)

Please inform the teacher if you need extra help. Tutoring is available by appointment, no extra charge. you can also ask for flashcards or other study aids. Call 734-DRIV for more information.