Driving On Guam

Driving on Guam

Living on a tropical island has unique driving challenges. A 30 mile long island with a speed limit of 35MPH, you would assume means a place or relaxed drivers, just cruising along looking for a good barbecue at the beach. But in reality we have a mix of people from all over the world with different driving experiences and expectations. 

Our goal as a driving school is to help our students navigate the roadways on our island. We have six lane "highways", an overpass, busy intersections during rush hour,  as well as winding cliff side drives and beach views and two lane dirt tracks through the jungle. The heart of the island can be a bustling traffic jam at 5pm on a Friday afternoon. And Sunday drives could feature a group of manomko on scooters tootling around Umatac. 

To help improve driving on our island I hope to feature various driving challenges each week and discuss ways to avoid scary situations and how to turn our driving experience into a safe, fun time of enjoying tropical living.